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Dark and Light – új patch, új mountok

Dark and Light – új patch, új mountok
16 éve született ez a tartalom. Kezeld ennek megfelelően (pl. egyes hivatkozások esetleg már nem működnek).

Hamarosan új hátasra lehet majd szert tenni, valamint új dolgokkal bővítette a játék világát az új patch.Hamarosan két új hátas lesz elérhető Ganareth világában, melyek a Licange és a Gorak névre hallgatnak.

És némi információmorzsa az új patch-ről:

• Update of the movement speed of MOB
• Adjustment of some spells for the following classes: Citizen, Healer, Black Knight, Fighter, Thief, Sorcerer, and Illusionist. The regeneration of spells have been optimized, the action mode or the effect of certain spells have been refined.
• Improvement in the Energy Towers network system
• Reorganization of the Quest book content

New Stuff:
• Harmonization of the reward system during hunting: a bag of reward now falls next to the body as another specific quest bag appears.
• The craft ingredients extraction on the corpse is now easer and more visual
• Addition of new recipes for the making of Jewels: 6 new recipes, levels Master to Grand Master 1.
• Upswing of the system of AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the NPC; the behaviours of attack, defence, help or flight are more efficient; the interactions between the factions and the players are more sensitive; such as for instance if a player attacks a NPC and that other NPC of the same type are in the whereabouts, the attacked NPC can request help from the others.
• Harmonization and addition of new skins in the graphic interface, notably at the time of the character’s creation.
• Installation of Generic FX for Silence, Cursed, Bodyguard, Stun and Mezz spells types.
• New “Loc” management and directions information in the Quests. The Quest choosen by the player is the only one displayed on the map, using the Quest symbol.

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